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Message from the President of Indonesian Ophthalmologist Association (IOA)

Dear respected colleagues and friends around the world,

On behalf of PERDAMI, I am pleased to welcome colleagues at the 49th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Association of Indonesian Ophthalmologists which was held in conjunction with the 39th Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) Congress on 22 - 25 February in Bali.

The development of medical technology in the field of ophthalmology and eye health services continues to change. In this activity we took the theme "TAKSU BALI Technological Advancement and Awareness, Knowledge Sharing, Surgical Innovation, and Uniting Expert, Beyond All Limits" with a series of scientific presentations and research from experts who provide a comprehensive picture of the latest innovations in the field of ophthalmology so as to enhance the role of PERDAMI Branch in preventing blindness in Indonesia. We invite members to strengthen and improve their professionalism, knowledge and skills with the spirit of life-long learning.

As it known, Bali has charisma with beautiful views and is friendly for tourists. We are thrilled to welcome all guests, speakers, participants, sponsors, and colleagues with open arms. Once again, on behalf of PERDAMI, we hope to meet all colleagues in Bali in 2024.


Your sincerely,

Prof. Budu, MD, PhD, M.MedEd

Indonesian Ophthalmologists Association (PERDAMI)